Le Jeu de Camargo

An Exquisite Card Game

Le Jeu de Camargo is a physical manifestation of exquisite corpse in game form. In 1940s Marseille, the Surrealists created their own deck of 52 playing cards, "Le Jeu de Marseille." Combining this idea with the Mexican Bingo Game, Lotería, I devised the game "Le Jeu de Camargo" where each of the Camargo Foundation's artist and scholar residents created their own card that reflects themselves or their work. In addition, I designed cards related to Cassis, France or the Camargo Foundation and Aminata Labor and Levey Saintil served as colorists.

30 cards were created in total with the hope that future residents would also contribute to this collective experience. Le Jeu de Camargo serves as a way for future and past residents to exist in the same space and time - via playing cards.

2022 playing cards, envelope paper, crayons, markers, pencil, pens, goache, paper


Mary Stephen
Soraya Limare
Levey Saintil
Nathan Marvin
Aminata Labor
Pauline Boulba
Rosanna Puyol
Nina Kennel
Yasmin Joseph
Berta Urda Diaz
Tsoliné Sukiasyan
Sandra Virbel
Xiomara Forbez
Esmé Wang
Robert Ssempijja
Anthony Vine


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