Exquisite Situations

An Exquisite Zoom Performance Series

A site-specific dance and theater performance series made on and for zoom that explores the process of “exquisite corpse.” Exquisite corpse is a surrealist game where one person creates something then passes it on to another person who adds their creation and so on till a final product is produced.

While exquisite corpse is often played within the same medium (all drawings or all texts, for example), I designed a dance and theater collaboration. Based on prompts I designed, Esther created and performed a script, Priscilla created and performed a choreography, and then we put them together to form several “exquisite situations” or scenarios/vignettes on and for zoom.

This project was funded by the Gluck Fellows Program of the Arts.

2022 zoom, dance, theater, video, google forms


Director, Producer, Concept Designer: Xiomara Forbez

Performing Artista: Priscilla Marrero

Playwright, Actor: Esther Banegas Gatica

Film Editor: Kali Veach

Tech Host: Magnolia Yang Sao Yia

Series Overview

Performance 1: Various Mini Situations
12 dance & theater vignettes performed by the artists, live on zoom

Performance 2: Audience Choice Situations
Audience members remixed the vignettes from Performance 1 and the artists performed them live on zoom

Performance 3: A Long Situation: A Short Film
Screening of a short film in three parts - the first narrative structure designed by me, the second and third Kali joined the exquisite corpse with video editing

Performance 4: Exquisite Method
With the help of audience members, artists created two exquisite situations live on zoom

Performance Details

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