Elder Post Dances

Dance Postcards

Inspired by the COVID pandemic stay-at-home order, this project explores how one can dance with another person via postcards. Along with sending postcards to older friends and family, I also sent cards to elders in nursing homes. Postcards consisted of descriptions or drawings of gestures and movements with an invitation to respond back with a gesture.

The gestures exchanged were created in pandemic times and spaces, namely in homes of various types across the US. This project is a choreographic act of community making - a way to dance together and be in community.

This project was funded by the Gluck Fellows Program of the Arts.

2021-2022 pen, marker, postcards, gestures

Sent Post Cards

Received Post Cards

Mini Dances

Combining the gesture I sent and the gesture I received, a mini dance forms. I perform three mini dances below in my home in Miami as seen through GIF format. The next iteration will be a rotoscoped print flip book.

Swan Baby

cat stretch dog walk

Slow quick quick Slow
mouse penguin

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